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Some book & video sources on the subject of throwing weapons

Last Updated Sep. 2001

Knife Throwing for Sport, Survival, and Self Defense
Blackie Collins
Pub. (?) Knife World Publications. Box 3395, Knoxville, TN 37927
ISBN 0-940362-03-1

Very small book. OK for beginner maybe, but does not illustrate enough styles, only one.

Knife and Tomahawk Throwing
Harry McEvoy
Pub. (1988) Charles E. Tuttle Company, Rutland VT.
ISBN 0-8048-1542-9

Knife Throwing: A Practical Guide
Harry McEvoy
Pub. (198?) Charles E. Tuttle Company, Rutland VT.
ISBN 0-8048-1099-0

I have the first above, but not the second. A very good book. Can be obtained from Tru-Balance Knife Company (see CUSTOM file), and Lowcountry (same file) if a member of AKTA.

Pananandata Guide to Knife Throwing
Amante P. Marinas Sr.
United Cutlery 132 pgs. $6.95
No ISBN Given, but date is 1999
UC number is UC-1204
1425 United Blvd
Serierville, TN 37876
(423) 428-2532
Can also be ordered from companies that carry UC products like Smokey Mtn. Knife Works Pronounced 'pana-nan-data', a nice little book. Lavishly illustrated. Dr. Marinas (Chemical Engineering, and a master of various Philippino martial arts) focuses on knife throwing as a martial art. I will soon be interviewing Dr. Marinas, and will make the interview available on the thrower page... The book leaves much unsaid, but for its size and price it is well worth a look. Dr. Marinas' style is clear and concise. One of Dr. Marinas' knife designs is reviewed over here.

Knife Throwing Techniques of the Ninja
Michael E. Peters
Pub: (1986) Butokukai, Cornville, AZ 86325 (800) 747-6280, (520) 634-6280

Good illustrations, especially grips. Can be obtained direct from publisher.

Michael E. Peters
Butokukai, Cornville, AZ 86325
This book has no ISBN, but it can be obtained from Butokukai for $12. Contact them at: (800) 747-6280 or (520) 634-1203 by fax

This is another of the M. Peters books. Like KNIFE THROWING TECHNIQUES OF THE NINJA it is a little book with but 34 pages. It does have a couple of nice stories, and some good pictures of various types of shuriken, along with different grip styles and throwing postures. He mentions three types of shuriken, Hira (wheel or star), Bo (spikes single or double pointed), and Tsubute, a blunt clubbing missle. He doesn't mention "shaken" so we're still looking for the ultimate classification.

While it isn't a big book, there isn't a whole lot to say on the subject and Mr. Peters doesn't waste any words unnecessarily. Reasonable buy for $12.

Gil Hibben Throwing Knife Guide
Gil Hibben
Other data not yet known, but can be obtained from Atlanta Cutlery and other dealers (see catalogs)

Knifethrowing: The Viper Story
Harald Moeller
Pub: (1988) Lynclif Publishing, Box 171
Pickering, Ontario Canada L1V 2R4
a delightful book written by a knife maker who happens to love throwing knives, and invented a darned good one. For a short exerpt with comments by one of the list members, click here.

From: Jay Swan <>

Shirakami Ikku-Ken
Translated By: Nobuko Hirose
Pub: Paul H. Crompton Ltd, London, England 1987
ISBN: 0-901764-94-9
This book can now be ordered on line from Ryukyu

I paid $13.95 for it at Barnes & Noble.

The book consists of three parts plus an English introduction by Ronald Knutsen.

In the first part, the author describes his training and involvement in the Negishi Ryu shuriken-do. A sort of martial biography. This is interesting, because I had thought that the shuriken was studied only as a part of larger bugei ryuha, as a sort of secondary or tertiary weapon. The author makes clear, however, that he sees his art as a form of self-development.

The second part describes the throwing techniques of the Negishi Ryu. The style uses a long, heavy-looking straight spike, sometimes with a tassel on the end. The primary throw does not turn at all--the "direct strike method." He also describes single-turn and multiple-turn throws. This section of the book is written in the matter of most traditional Japanese martial texts--i.e., rather obscure. He also describes the combined use of shuriken and sword.

The third part describes many other Japanese throwing weapon methods, many of which are taken from older Japanese texts. Here the author discusses the star-shaped throwing blades, but he does not approve of them at all.

Some of the stranger and more interesting bits are those on using a golf ball as a self-defense weapon, shuriken and the art of baseball, arrow throwing, and intercepting arrows and shuriken with a sword.


Now a few from Chris Smith (

Art of Throwing Weapons (ABM 761)
James W. Madden
$10 (+ shipping & handling) from:
Paladin Press ISBN 0-87364-841-2
P.O. Box 1307, Boulder, CO 80306
TEL: (800) 392-2400 / (303) 443-7250 and (303) 442-8741 for FAX

Cold Steel
John Styers
"A classic,originally published by Leatherneck magazine (U.S.M.C.), "which was the marine bible of unarmed combat." Provides a short course in knife throwing.
ISBN 0-87364-025-X $17.95 hardcover, illus.
Paladin Press, P.O. Box 1307, Boulder, CO 80306
TEL: 1 (800) 835-2246, ext. 21 (U.S. & Canada).
Also at (303) 443-7250 and (303) 442-8741 for FAX
Shpg/Hndlg: 4th class bookrate $4.00 (2-4 wks), U.P.S. GROUND $6.00 (10-14 days), U.P.S. AIR $8.00 (3-4 work days).
Foreign orders: Payment by Air Mail International Money Order, checks drawn from U.S. bank in U.S. dollars, or VISA or MasterCard.

If you are into the art of throwing playing cards, and other card-like objects, for example credit cards, check out:
Cards As Weapons
By: Ricky Jay
Pub: Darien House Inc.
37 Riverside Dr.
N.Y., N.Y. 10023
ISBN: 0-88201-016-6 (softcover), or 0-88201-17-4 (hardcover)
I know nothing about this book except that the author does hold a distance record for card throwing, and does teach it in this book. My source believes it to be out of print. You may find it in your local library. Have fun...


THE SLING For Sport & Survival
Cliff Savage
1984 Loompanics, Port Townsend WA 98368
ISBN: 0-915179-19-9
Cost about $9.00 for 64 pages.
Can also be obtained from Paladin Press (see _Cold Steel_ reference above)

The sling is an interesting weapon. Very cheap to make, easy to carry, no metal or moving parts. Can hurl a 1 lb. (450g) rock 50 meters with ease. I taught myself to use it well enough to hit something the size of a bus at that range in only a few days of practice. Nice compliment to the throwing knife!

Sling Braiding of the Andes
Adele Cahlander
Pub: 1980 Colorado Fiber Center Inc. Box 2049, Boulder, CO 80306
ISBN 0-93745203-3
This book can be obtained from Unicorn Books & Crafts in Petaluma CA. They may be reached at: (800) 289-9276 or (707) 762-3362. The book's price is $12.95.

Thanks to Ted Bailey, I have an atlatl book!
All About the Atlatl
Gary Fogelman
Fogelman Publishing Co.
RD #1, Box 240
Turbotville, PA 17772-9599
(717) 437-3698
Price is only $6.00, postage included, so I wouldn't know what to expect.

Now this little gem from one of our list members:

Daniel P. Mannix
E.P. Dutton & Co., 1941.
201 Park Ave. South, NY, NY 10003.
LC Catalog: 67-11387

Thumbnail review by Ryan Bybee

This is a superb book that deals totally with ancient weapons and ancient hunting practices for all sorts of uses. Like hunting for food, self defense, even tracking criminals with blood hounds. The weapons covered are blowguns (lots of talk about poisons), many interseting facts about boomerangs, cross bows, long bows, and bolos. The author even describes hunting with his pets, which include falcons, otters, ferrets, and even his prized hunting cheetah, Rani!!! Friends its all in there! Unfortunately I believe this book is out of print.? I am not positive though.

The book is quite famous, you may be able to find it in your local library. I even found a copy of it at my school library. One of the most memorable things is the author's tale about how his scientist friend had Philipinos collect monkey specimens. The Philipino would shoot a monkey that hanging by its tail in a tree with a poison tipped blowgun dart.(by the way the dart was aimed at the tail) The monkey's tail would slacken causing the monkey to lose its grip on the branch, while still falling the Philipino would catch the monkey by its tail, swiftly cut the tail off, and throw the monkey in a cage, thus the poison would not have time to set in. AMAZING I tell you!!! You really must read the book!!!

Video Section!

Harry McEvoy's KNIFE AND TOMAHAWK THROWING can be found on the WEB at Videoexpress. It is about $29.00 U.S. and may be found in the Educational & How-To genera.

Alas, I have seen this video, and it is not very good (not the fault of Videoexpress of course). It is disjointed, poorly produced, and has many confusing moments. About the only thing one can say for it is that it was probably the first such video, and it does feature the now departed master of the sport Harry McEvoy!

Ninja Shuriken, a 20 min. video on the star and spike type shuriken can be obtained for $30 from T.C. Media Inc.. Access the page and go to the video section. I have not seen this. Can not vouch for its quality.

Dan Dennehy Knife Throwing Video
Dan Dennehy has been making knives for over fifty years. He constructs and furnishes the best throwing knives and tomahawks available. Dans' knives are carried by Special Operations people all over the world. This video examines his knives, interviews one of the worlds' best makers, presents his knife and tomahawk instruction in its entirety. Have not seen this one. Can not speak for it one way or another.
The video is $30+$5 postage and packing from:
ThunderRock Media Services(Publishers of Sporting Blades)
Chas Clements
(303) 364-0403 (303) 739-9824 (fax)
1741 Dallas Street
Aurora, CO 80010-2018

Recreational Knife Throwing by John Bailey
$28.95 (incl. shipping)
From Sunshine Knife Outlet
Something new in the summer of 1998. A video from a guy whose been throwing knives for some 40 years! Some new techniques and concepts. Contains:

Alas, the production values of the video are not very high. It was shot hurridly (not John's choice I understand), with poor lighting, camera work was amateurish, etc. Until something better comes along (this being writtewn in mid 2000), however, it remains the most complete video on the sport, and John is a nice guy whose business deserves to be supported if we are going to continue to see good throwing knife outlets. Check it out! Cost is $24.95 plus $4.00 shipping from the author at SKO.

As of 2000, John has a second video out. This one is done better; has better production values. Less focus on the very basics as compared to the first tape, but enough that you'll get what you need and then help you move up in skill from there. You also get a lot of views of John's really extensive throwing knife collection! Get both!

Knife Fighting and Throwing by Vladimir Vasiliev.
137 Birch Ave
Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada
L4C 6C5
(905) 886-0483 (business phone) or (905) 886-7634 (fax)
Cost: $39.95 plus shipping.
Vladimir is formerly of the Russian Speznaz special forces, and now is one of the partners running the Russian Martial Art Academy in Toronto Canada! Vladimir and his wife Valerie can be reached by email at
This is an interesting video, more prefessionally produced than the John Bailey video above, but also more limited. Only the first 10 min. or so are about knife throwing. Vladimir makes some interesting claims which are reviewed in our interview with Vladimir, and also shows some good technique of the sort we are more used to... Most of the video, however, is about self defense, specifically defensive techniques of knife combat. Very good with this material.

The Fundamentals of Knife, Hawk, and Axe Throwing with an Introduction to the Impalement Arts by The Reverend David Adamovich
876 Guy Lombardo Ave.
Freeport, NY 11520
(516) 546-1425
as of Sept. 2001, this is the latest entry in the growing list of knife throwing videos. David's video, retails for $35, but can be obtained directly from him for $25.00 (plus shipping, use email address above) or from the Throwzini web site for the same price. Directly below is my review of David's effort on the part of knife throwers everywhere.

David Adamovich AKA " The Great Throwdini" has created a delightful knife throwing exhibition for us in his video The Fundamentals of Knife, Hawk, and Axe Throwing with an Introduction to the Impalement Arts. What amazes me most about David's throwing is his consistency. This video does more than any other I've seen so far to show throwing from various angles, in both slow motion and regular speed, even stop motion somtimes. David is incredibly consistent in his windup, throw, and follow through. Of course this consistency shows up in his results, some of the tightest groups I've seen, but David is very talented as well as practiced. His knives and other instruments go where he wants them to go. Among other things, the video made me realize how valuable video might be in helping to make other throwers more consistent, what ever their preferred style.

Each of the videos on the subject produced so far has had its particular strengths and weaknesses. David's work appears to have been done mostly by him alone, with no one operating the camera. Although the video is clear, reasonably well lit, and pointed in the right direction, each scene has only its one and only camera angle and distance. There are no zooms or pans which might have been appropriate to better follow David's descriptive monologue. The strength of David's effort is his work with different camera angles and slow motion. Its weakness is its too-slow pacing, at least through its first half. In between, David does a good job emphasizing the styleistic characteristics of his own throwing. As noted, he is among the world's best when it comes to putting the point on the mark in a variety of different competition environments. He admits that he is not very good with any of the many other styles of handling and throwing a knife. His attempts to illustrate them fall a little flat without the aid of video of these various styles in those who use them!

That was another thing that struck me about David's video. How much more we would learn if you took David's camera angle and slow motion work and filmed a variety of different throwers and throwing styles in the same video! David's attempt at bringing in the work of others falls flat without visual support, but he does point the way to the next level of throwing video evolution.

David obviously enjoys what he does, both his ministry and his knife throwing. He seemed to have fun making this video for us all to experience as well. It is an inspiration seeing David's fabulous consistency and gracefullness. After I saw it, you know I had to take up a bunch of my throwing knives and get to my targets to have a little try at being so consistent. I have to admit it helped to watch David, and I did enjoy myself..

One last note. Inside the video slip cover, David includes a folded 6.5x7.5 inch piece of paper on which, in very small type, he provides an amazing amount of information about the competitive aspect of the sport of knife throwing. 1999, 2000, and 2001 national champions are listed as are the rules and scoring procedures for each of the existing national knife throwing organizations, at this time being the World Federation of Knife Throwers, the American Knife Throwers Alliance, and the International Knife Throwing Alliance. Also included is a list of most of the better known web sites on the subject (including thrower), though he fails to mention his own (not quite on line yet) in the list.

If you wish to purchase David's video, you can contact him directly at until his web site is up and running. You can also purchase it through Scot Gracia's web site.

Finally, send email to Comtech for a catalog of videos about throwing knives, and other interesting combat techniques, or click here to visit the Comtech web site!

Mail to mjr or goto thrower or knife page.

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