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Mail-Order and WEB Catalogs with Throwing Knives
and other Throwing or Related Weapons

One of our most significant resources is this list of knife company catalogs. These are 800 numbers that won't work outside the US, but I am trying to get the straight numbers from every company.

Sunshine Knife Outlet
Now a subsidiary of Bailiwick Enterprises, proprietor John Bailey
Florida U.S.A.
Also at: (407) 123 4567
For various personal reasons, Curtis Lovejoy sold SKO to John Bailey, long time knife thrower, video producer, and throwing knife designer.
Curtis' catalog was very interesting. I'd never seen so many high quality throwing knives, axes, and hawks in one place. Most new, some used. Prices are basically retail, some the same as the same product direct from the manufacturer, some a little higher, but all in all, a very extensive collection including Branton, Karp, McEvoy, and many, many others. This is not to say that everything in the catalog was high quality (though very much of it was), but for the throwers at least, lengths and weights were listed, so you could decide for yourself.

The new proprietor, John Bailey, hosts a Bailiwick Enterprises web site that will one day contain an on-line version of the catalog. Bookmark it and check back from time to time. He will also re-issue the print catalog, but we'll have to wait a while for that as he must get the business in order for himself first.
In the mean time, we wish Curtis and his family well and John all good fortune in his new enterprise.

Target Knives and Throwing Knives. These two sites seem to be related, but I'm not sure how yet. In any case, they have a very unusual looking collection of interesting throwers, and all of them come in two types of steel and in two lengths, the longer of which is AKTA legal!

Atlanta Cutlery (800) 883-0300 - Good catalog, reasonable prices.

The Edge Company (800) 732-9976 - Interesting catalog. More then just blade weapons, and a few strange throwers. Lots of electronic equipment for surveylance, fantasy knives, etc. Throwers are not all that great.. Mostly too small and too light, but some very good for indoor practice.

Gorilla & Sons (800) 246-7455 - Very similar to the Edge Co. but without all the spy stuff, and more heavily focused on optics (lots of great NV scopes and binoculars), and a few other tools (like grinders). Many of the same throwers as Edge, but prices seem a bit better. Also a 15 inch "self-healing" knife target for about $10. Also some radio's, air pistols, Pistol x-bows, etc. Can also be reached at: (360) 738-1761

BUD K Worldwide (800) 543-5061 Good collection of miscelaneous throwers, including Hibben, etc. Prices reasonable. Lots of other knives, lockpics, and other items. Something of a small cross between a couple of the other catalogs.
Mailing address at: P.O. Box 565, Moultrie, Georgia 31776
also at (912) 985-1667 outside the U.S.

Smokey Mountian Knife Works (800) 251-9306 - Good overall. Lowest prices, but not the largest collection of quality throwers. Number for non-U.S. callers is: (615) 453-5871

Tiffin Knife Co. (800) 255-3841 - Big catalog, prices way too high!

Cold Steel / AKA Special Projects Co. (800) 255-4716 - a bit thin, but very high quality. Most prices too high, but their True Flight Throwers are OK for the price at about $20 each. Do NOT buy the "Warhead", it will just break at the junction between handle and blade, but the "boar spear" is supposed to be pretty good as is the reproduction of the "Spetsnaz throwing shovel". The reproduction of the "Viet Nam Tomahawk" is OK, but the handle cracks too easily in my opinion. I have no experience with their two bitted throwing axe.
Also at (805) 650-8481

The Cutlery Shoppe (800) 231-1272
5461 Kendal St.
Boise, ID 83706-1248
also at: (208) 376-0430

Asian World Martial Arts (AWMA) (800) 345-2962
11601 Caroline Rd.
Philadelphia, PA 19154 USA.
Other numbers: (215) 969-3500
For Fax: (800) 922-2962 or (215) 969-5143
$5.00 (US) for catalog if you don't order anything else. Good source of shuriken if you don't live in California, Massachusets, or Philadelphia.

World of Weapons (800) 956-4652
5151 Sunbeam Rd. Suite #4
Jacksonville, FL 32257
Hibben knives and other throwers. An interesting catalog I hear.

World Wide Martial Arts
This is, apparantly a WEB-ONLY catalog company, a new concept. They have no print catalog, but they can be reached at (610) 797-1819 though I don't know what they can send you. They prefer to be emailed.

T.C. Media Inc., a new on-line catalog of interesting martial arts gear and products including a video ($29.95) Ninja Shuriken, about one of our favorite throwing weapons!

Jason Townsend & Son, Inc.
email at (
(219) 594-5852
133 N. First St. / Box 415-W
Pierceton, IN 46562
An online company with some interesting throwing axes and at least one throwing knife.

Jeff Finder's STICKMAN CATALOG containing some interesting martial sticks and related escrima equipment.

Star Sales Co. Inc. (800) 745-6433
1803 No. Central
Box 1503
Knoxville, TN 37901
Can also be reached at: (423) 524-0771 from outside the U.S.
Supposed to have lots of stuff at reasonable prices. Even cheaper than Smokey Mtn! WARNING though... They have a $25 minimum on credit card orders.

The Knifecenter Throwing Index , an online store with a 100% online catalog. This is a pointer directly to their throwing knife index page.

Mark Allen Catalog
3759 S. Valley View #14
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(800) 856-5568
Lots of rodeo and other stuff including throwing knives, ropes, whips, etc.

Dixie Gun Works Inc.
Gunpowder Lane
Union City, TN 38261
(800) 238-6785, (901) 885-0700
A 700+ page catalog mostly having to do with black powder shooting supplies. A huge wealth of material. Does have a few pages of throwing knives, including a couple of Lowcountry (Branton) knives, and a number of others. Some I've not seen elsewhere. Catalog is $5. Certainly worth every penny if you're into the muzzle loading rifle set, or looking specifically for real throwing bowies in the $50 range!


Mr. Bob Perkins of BPS ENGINEERING is serious about making (and selling) high quality atlatls. Do check out his page...
Bob's sister, Sara Macfarlane is the editor of "World Atlatl Magazine", an atlatl and primitive skills ezine updated quarterly. Have a look and send her your experiences. Finally, I have prepared a review of Bob's atlatl, so do have a look it you are interested in these implements.

Do check out this page for atlatls from The Natural Earth, a really nice page.

Sticks & Stones (724) 238-6878
Chuck Butorajac, WV and PA State atlatl champion! Also OH State accuracy champion!
Box 533
Ligonier, PA 15658
Your source for atlatls, hand made from $25 - $200! He also makes matched sets of darts for target work, hunting, etc. Chuck will send a brochure to anyone who calls or writes requesting one. For purchase, he will accept checks, but can not do credit card orders at this time.

Three Rivers Archery Supply (219) 587-3078
400 H.L. Thompson Jr. Dr.
Box 517
Ashley, IN 46705
fax: (219 587-3078
Catalog is $2. Has a page dedicated to atlatls.


Grizzly Imports Inc. Box 2069
Bellingham, WA 98227
West: (800) 541-5537 or (360) 647-0801
East: (800) 523-4777 or (717) 326-3806
This catalog has NO throwing knives. What they do have is devices, called SandFlex to CLEAN rust and other gunk off knives, even doing light filing I suppose. These things look like big erasers and come in various grit densities. Also various kinds of liquid and spray rust remover. Reasonable prices.

If anyone knows of any others, please pass numbers around - at least get them to me and I will distribute to the list. Also, we have discussed several knives appearing in these catalogs that one or more of us have. Black Jacks, Blazing Arrows, Fury 7000 (a Hibben look-alike), and Hibbens, come to mind. If any of you have any experience with others, please let us know what you think of them...

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This page is part of the official ARCHIVE COPY of the pioneering but abandoned Thrower website on knife throwing. Copyright and details