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Knife Throwing, and Throwing Knives

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Thrower is a web page and mailing list! Thrower is dedicated to throwing weapons, whether for sport, natural survival, or self-defense! These include many ancient weapons and their modern counterparts, such things as: picture of throw

We also cover the throwing-like behavior and use of the

Here's a comment on African throwing weapons from fearless thrower Phil West featuring Buffy looking like she means business!

Topics of Interest

Thrower participants have, collectively, a wide range of experience with many primitive weapons. As it happens, knives occupy 90% of the discussion taking place on the thrower mailing list (see below). We talk about choosing a knife, the economics of throwing, making throwers (including steel sources like Admiral and Metal Mart for smaller quantities), caring for them, throwing (how to), clubs/organizations, competition throwing, hunting/survival, as a facet of martial arts/self defense training, and even finding them when they're lost! There are a growing number of other articles to read on this web page in addition to all the links above. (see below) covering such topics as stances, throws, grips, custom and off-the-rack knife makers, catalogs, books, and other resources like these nice throwing knives from Flying Cloud Trading Co., This page of axes from Jason Townsend & Son including their "French Throwing Axe", and this modern reproduction of the ancient Roman BATTLE DART along with a first hand report of one member's experience with it. Over here, a web site from Bailiwick Enterprises hosting a whole range of throwing products, Doc Gundersen's L & H Knife Works, Throwers from Bobby Branton, and a pointer to the most famous thrower of all... THE VIPER!, not to mention some throwing fun with our Russian friends from SPETSNAZ.

Here are two sources for custom molded Kydex sheaths for your throwers, one from Blade Rigger, and the other from Blade Tech. If you prefer more of the do-it-yourself approach, you might find appropriate supplies at SNAP Company Of course there is a whole world of information on LEATHER out there if that is your preferred sheath medium.

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In an effort to bring you the latest in technological innovations, I have also created a THROWER discussion forum using EZBoard an interesting new and so far free web technology for creating conference communities. Feel free to hop on over and check it out. You must be registered to post, but anyone can read. To register, just click on the REGISTER link near the top of the page... Its easy and fun!

The links below will lead to even more resources on the subject of knife throwing.

The text of Custom contains a list of by-hand knife makers that specialize in throwing knives. There is also a pointer to an atlatl maker.

The text of Books contains a list of book and video resources on the subject of knife throwing.

The text of off-the-rack contains descriptions of the knives I obtained from various mail-order catalogs. The Lee Larae Knifecenter has some of these on display here, but the best collection of all seems to come from the Sunshine Knife Outlet in Florida!

The text of my custom knives contains descriptions of the knives I own from the makers in the CUSTOM file above.

The text of CATALOGS contains a list of mail-order catalogs containing throwing knives and other throwing weapons.

My TARGETS contains a discussion of various target materials and target construction techniques.

Throwing knife GRIPS, a pictoral index.

A nice article on throwing INDOORS with LIGHT KNIVES by Ed Sackett covers implements, targets, and techniques. Enjoy! If you like throwing lite, check out this page on the related subject of throwing staples

Make an ON-THE-BACK SHEATH to hold those throwers! An article by Scott K. Robinson.

An article about the "Master of the Blade", Bob Karp, by Gene Hauenstein which first appeared in a 1996 issue of Tactical Knives Magazine.

Here is a short article about making a simple, indestructable handle for all steel throwing knives.

I have some pointers to periodicals that sometimes have articles or other information about knife throwing.

The Garvin text contains a few examples of throwing from Peter O'Donnell's Modesty Blaise.

Here also in a link to an interesting page about throwing cards that may not be around all that long, so check it out while you can. It relies a lot on the book Cards As Weapons by Ricky Jay, now out of print, but listed in our books page nevertheless.


The American Knife Throwers Alliance, A.K.T.A.
a club with a quarterly newsletter, some dues ($20/yr), that sponsors knife throwing competition including a national event annually. Best thing is that membership includes a nice patch, a 10% discount on Lowcountry Throwing Knives, Harald Moeller's VIPER throwers, and throwers by knife maker Lee Fugat. You will find an introduction to AKTA competition rules here.

The Pacific Knife Throwers (PKT)
is loosly affiliated with the AKTA. It uses the same basic format in its competition as does the AKTA national event (see COMPETITIONS below). Contact Rick Lemberg at (408) 996-0685 for information. Membership is $20/year. Membership is required to compete in the annual regional. There is also a quarterly newsletter.

The International Knife Throwers Alliance
is another club. This one fostered by Bob Karp. There is a national event held in Phoenix in March. See COMPETITIONS below for details. The IKTA competition is much different from its AKTA counterpart. Please see this page of competition rules for an overview.

Florida Knife and Tomahawk Throwers Club
Ned Potter, an A.K.T.A. member, is starting a Florida club. He is holding meetings and casual throwing sessions on the 3rd Sunday of each Month. For more info. contact:
Net Potter
4720 10th St., Vero Beach, FL 32966
(561) 567-7062
(if I can find an email address I'll post it).

We have not one but TWO Lumberjack pages! These people also do a lot of throwing, albeit mostly with axes! They are

The American Lumberjack Association
The North American Guide to Timbersports

The National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association
also have throwing knife competitions as a part of their meets.

American Knife Throwers Alliance
October 13-14 2000
Awendaw, SC
Contact Bobby Branton at (803) 928-3624
Rocky Mountain Knife and Tomahawk Championships
July 1 - 2, 2000
Creed Colorado. Info: (719) 658-0420
or Mike Kolisch at
International Knife Throwing Alliance
March 16-18, 2001
The Armory, N. Mtn. Park, Phoenix AZ
Contact Bob Karp at (800) 843-2523 or (602) 870-1234
Entry fee is $50 advance, $75 at the door and includes both
the hawk and knife competition.
There is a $1000 first prize in each category!
Pacific Knife Throwers
When? Sept. 25th, 1999
Where?San Jose County Building
70 West Hedding St. San Jose, CA
AKTA or PKT membership required (you can join there)
A small admission will be charged to spectators
Those monies will go to Project Match, a
United Way Charity.
Small cash prizes and trophies for top placment
in various competitions
Sponsored by Media 50+ Corp.
Contact Rick Lemberg by email or at (408) 313-4141
Warmup begins at 8:00 (breakfast provided by sponsor)
Competitions begin at 9:30am and may run until 4:30pm
Texas State Knife & Tomahawk Championships
Feb. 5 & 6, 2000
2000 Oldmill Marketplace, Canton, Texas
For information call:
Chuck Weems (903) 489-1776 or Mike Kolisch (719) 658-0420
Sponsored by IKTA 1998-99 World Champion Lee Fugat!
June 15,16,17, 2001 at 21713 Elk Trail West.
A few miles East of Redding California
PKT/AKTA style contest on Sat. June 16.
Camping out at Lee's place is great
Here is a page with complete instructions and a map
Flint Ridge State Memorials
99 Cooper Ave. Newark OH. June 5, 1999
Contacts Jim Kingery (740) 344-1919, Hapi Coummons (740) 344-1920
Ray Strischek for atlatls.
Major event for all kinds of throwing implements, oriented towards primitive weapons, demonstrations, classes, and vending.
Vending fee $25 waived if you do a demonstration!
Competition Rules


We are happy to help publicize NEW throwing-knife web pages! I think I can claim the banner of "first on the WEB" with this subject matter, but I am no longer the only... These are all interesting sites in their own way, and as with many other things on the web illustrate the march of technology...

STICKING POINT by Tim Valentine. Focusing more exclusively on knives... Good illustrations, keeps up with U.S. competitions. Good instructions, and other things too.

Web references into knife and axe throwing are growing.

Try this page of Scott Gracia's, the "Great Throwzini", While over here is the Great Throwdini! Confused yet? Over here, SteelFyre shows us his knife throwing act, while Christian Thiel has one for German throwers, and he's translated his entire page system into English as well, very nice! While we're in Germany, check out this great new knife and axe throwing page by Norbert C. Maier! More bi-lingualism at Hugo Gonzalez's Knife Throwing in Spanish page!

Back in the U.S., Jason Chasse has a developing page here. Jeff Koch does a really nice job of showing us how a throwing knife can be made on his page.

Thrower list reader Rich uses Java Script to pull in his page, so I can't even point you directly at it (not all technology is good). Just go here and click on his "Knife Throwing Links" for an interesting viewpoint on the subject.

Mail to mjr, goto the knife page, Survival!, or do research at The Library of Congress
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This page is part of the official ARCHIVE COPY of the pioneering but abandoned Thrower website on knife throwing. Copyright and details